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HI - Vineyard Wrappers needed for busy Company.    Pay is weekly at contract rate per plant wrapped.    Some experience desirable but not essential.    Good rates and accom available for the first applicants.    Driving License preferable.  0274 774 885

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Wrappers Nelson-Marlborough

Just returned from Australia after working in a high pace motel in rock Hampton qld 5.5 years cleaning experience good eye for detail and Very hard worker am a mature adult keen for work

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experienced housekeeperNelson-Marlborough

Working as an apple packer in Motueka!
I worked for James Apple Packhouse in Motueka for more than 1 month and this was extremely an easy and happy job. We worked only 40 hours/week from Monday to Friday, with salary 15.25$/h. All we need to do was to pick apples from the round box and put into the tray. There was one interesting point in this packhouse which made me really impressed. That was: we had cakes for break time from boss quite often in week. This is not a big packhouse, but the atmospheres so warm and friendly. After season finished, boss even helped us to find job in kiwifruit packhouse. I would like to recommend this packhouse to anyone who wanna find jobs in Motueka. Job in James packhouse may begins from March and finishes in May. This is the address and phone number of my boss:
James Packhouse
Address: 85 Brooklyn Valley, Motueka 7120

by Jamie Nguyen
9/05/2016 4:21:59 p.m.

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Working as an apple packer in Motueka